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Today’s beverage landscape is changing.

It’s more important than ever to have the right products, at the right time, and through the right distribution system.

All New Business Model

Brew Hub provides an entirely new business model for the craft brewing industry. With the right products and partnership opportunities, we’re putting the power back into the hands of the brand holder—without the capital exposure.

With our first brewing and packaging facility in Lakeland, Florida, we will become an incubation center for partner-brewers looking to capitalize on the fast-growing craft segment. Our unique, turnkey solution will help craft brewers overcome production and distribution barriers to brand profitability.

Marketplace Trends

Brew Hub has the ability to identify marketplace trends, then source, create, and market brands quickly and efficiently to create a distinct competitive advantage at retail.

  • Dedicated, local market brewing/packaging facilities to manufacture and co-pack various beverage products
  • Access to the premier distribution channels to address the needs of an ever-evolving industry
  • Unique partnership capabilities and offerings for brands facing challenges associated with capacity, geography, capital constraints and more

Founded 2012

Brew Hub was founded in 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri by a team of industry executives and craft brewing experts led by Timothy Schoen. Together with a strong partner network, our leadership team provides brewing, packaging, distribution and sales services to craft brewers today. And with plans to operate five breweries across the country, we are focused on the future. Our investment partner, The Yucaipa Companies, bring in the financial strength and the stability to support our short-term goals and long-term plans.


Brew Hub is led by a team of experienced beer professionals with over 125 years of combined experience in all facets of the industry, including brewing, packaging, sales, marketing, distribution, operations, and hospitality.

Timothy Schoen

Timothy Schoen


As Brew Hub's Chief Executive Officer, Tim oversees all aspects of this innovative concept, which promises to be a game changer for the craft brewing industry.

James ''Otto'' Ottolini

James ''Otto'' Ottolini

Chief of Brewing Operations

As Chief of Brewing Operations, Jim Ottolini is responsible for the brewing and packaging operations at Brew Hub’s brewery in Lakeland, Florida.

Partner Brewing & Services

Partner brewing is a process that allows craft brewers to not only brew their beer to the exact specifications under the supervision of their own Brewmaster, but also to package and distribute from the Brew Hub brewery and make their beer available for export to national and international markets. This concept allows craft brewers to expand their distribution without the overhead costs of building a new brewery, storing or transporting product. Partner brewers have full-control of the brewing and packaging process for their own brands to ensure that all specifications are met. In addition to brewing and packaging services, Brew Hub offers craft brewers assistance in sales, marketing and logistics initiatives, as well as legal and government affairs.

Facility & Operations

Brewhouse, Brewing & Packaging Options, Refrigerated Storage.
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Brewing Services & Options

Ingredients, Batch Sizes, Mashing Strategies, Aging, Custom Hopping Schemes, Finishing, Pasteurization.
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Laboratory Services

Brew Hub has a sophisticated laboratory and an extensive quality assurance program.
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Brew Hub’s facility is located in Lakeland, FL, at Interstate Commerce Park; A 160 acre mixed-use industrial park fronted directly on the Interstate 4 corridor in Central Florida. (locate us on the map) This location provides excellent visibility, easy interstate access to Southeast markets, and sits within 100 miles of 8.5 million people.

Large Footprint

75,000+ square foot facility.

Great Location

Located on the I-4 Corridor, centrally located between Tampa and Orlando.

Quality Products

State-of-the-art brewing, packaging, and warehousing space.


Flexibility to brew, mix and co-pack multiple brands.


Initial capacity of brewing and packaging 100,000 barrels (or 1.3 million cases) per year, with the flexibility to expand to meet future market and business demands.


Hospitality area and tasting room to showcase the brand quality story and allow for sampling opportunities and special events for all partners.

Retail Space

Retail store to sell beverage products and merchandise from all partners.

Easy Access

Easy access for distribution partner pickups and transports, as well as consumer visits.